Power of ten notation

Recall that the 1/2 power is the square root. What is !10? It is a little more than !9, which equals 3. So 10 1/2 is close to 3. The actual logarithm of 3 is .48 Recall that the definition of a logarithm is the power to which 10 must be raised to equal that number. The half-way number between 10 0 (or 1) and 10 1 (or 10) is 10 1/2 (~3). This method is known as scientific notation. It is a special notation that helps us work with scientific numbers. To use scientific notation, we need to know about powers of ten: 10 0 = 1 10 1 = 10 10 2 = 100 10 3 = 1,000 10 4 = 10,000 When we have large numbers, we can rewrite them as powers of ten. Example: 30,000 = 3 x 10,000 This tutorial shows how positive powers of 10 make numbers larger by shifting the decimal to the right. We also do that in reverse making larger numbers into... Exponential Notation. Exponential Notation. Exponential or Scientific Notation is simplya methodofwriting a number as a base number times some power of ten. For example,we could write the number 2,000,000 as 2 x 10<sup>6</sup>,the number 0.00023 as 2.3 x 10<sup>-4</sup>,and the number 123.456 as 1.23456 x 10<sup>2</sup>. Read sequentially:prevnextuptop.

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If you want to add 1.7 x 10^1 and 1.4 x 10^1, then you will get the scientific notation value as 3.1 x 10^1. In exponential notation it is 3.1e+1 and in decimal form it is 31.

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Index Notation and Powers of 10. The exponent (or index or power) of a number says how many times to use the number in a multiplication. You can multiply any number by itself as many times as you want using this notation (see Exponents), but powers of 10 have a special use ...Presentation on theme: "Powers of Ten and Scientific Notation"— Presentation transcript 9 You can also find the product of a number and a power of ten simply by moving the decimal point of the number. For powers of ten with positive exponents, move the decimal point to the right.

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